Purpose of IMF
Establishing this Foundation as a saucer of volunteers tackle international environmental issues of today.
In networks internationally or are outstanding in each domestic entrepreneurs and investors, plan of establishment of this Foundation were popping up. And Malaysia is chosen as the most suitable place of establishment and activity.
Activities of this Foundation are described below in the main.
To widely disseminate the essence of global environmental problems and to take over the right knowledge and the effective action plan to the next generation.
To raise environmental protection ideas and action plans from all over the world, and to support appropriate budget allocation and human resources.
To formulate and implement appropriate policies to ensure that the activities of Foundation are sustainable.
IMF Performance
Supporting afforestation companies in Malaysia and abroad.
(Corresponds to the 1st item of activity)
Supporting waste disposal companies in Sri Lanka.
(Corresponds to the 1st item of activity)
International Environmental Forum held.
(Corresponds to the 2nd item of activity)
IMF or Future
Specific measures are needed to carry out the 3rd item of activity.
= This is because enormous funding must be continued to
implement an action plan for dealing with environmental issues
Therefore, we decided to add a new fund management.
= It is called 【Earth Blue Project】(EBP).
Earth Blue Project launched
Earth Blue Project (EPB) is the project to introduce private funds to make environmental actions sustainable promoted by IMF.
By providing the mechanism of “self-propagating personal assets with the latest AI”, members can contribute to the earth while increasing personal assets.
Specifically, IMF provides free wallets for
crypto assets (named IMF Wallet) that can be
owned and operated by supporters around the world.
We welcome those who agree as members.
Earth Blue Project Overview
EBP offers three happiness opportunities for its members.
Opportunity 1
Assets deposited with IMF Wallet are self-propagating.The system that automatically performs “Hybrid operation based on a variable portfolio centered on arbitrage by AI” completed by the brains of Peking University + Nanyang University of Science + University of Tokyo OB can be used free of charge.
Opportunity 2
To be able to contribute to the action plan for environmental problems implemented by IMF.Fixed percentage of revenue (3%) received by self-propagating will be donated to IMF and invested in the activities. *Donations are paid in the form of earnings, so guaranteed earnings are not impaired.
Opportunity 3
IMF supports the Second life of its members.In addition to the funds required for Second life, we will support members who meet certain conditions to obtain permanent residence with the Malaysian government so that can spend fulfilling days.
IMF Director
Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Science) and Master degree of Laws (LLM) from the University of London.Wide range of international experience on the environment and climate change.Has many achievements in strategic leadership in public and private institutions, resource mobilization and organizational management.
Managing Director
Lawyer.Bachelor of Law from the University of Manchester, Master degree of Arts in Environmental Management from the University of California.Has more than 8 years of practical experience in environmental policy formulation and implementation by the national and municipal governments.Supports foundation's organizational operations, strategic direction and resource mobilization.
Director of Public Relations
Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) and Master degree (Environmental Sciences) from the University of Sydney.Currently involved in state and government climate consulting with his nine years of practical experience in environmental technology.In the foundation, promotes strong public relations using the background of professional knowledge.
Director of Finance
Master degree (technical management) from the University of Leicester.Have been explaining the techniques of technology management through writing activities on the relationship between environmental regeneration and technology.Responsible for all management operations including financial management in the foundtion.
IMF Companion
Minister of Finance of Malaysian government
Minister of the Environment of Malaysian government
IBH Investment Bank Limited